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Helping You Keep Up With the Future of Cannabis

The federal legalization of pot is approaching fast, are you ready?

Topics I Discuss



Telling a unique story is critical today more than ever. How you position and package your offering matters. I can help. From product to personal.



Consumer Packaged Goods requires you to think of your brand sitting on a shelf against others. How do you stand out?



From traditional and digital to guerilla, having a go to market strategy will help you keep your pulse on your community.



What is driving the industry forward? What is your next step? Don’t wonder, be prepared. With my guide you can stay one step ahead.


Competetive Intelligence

Want to launch a new product? You’ll need to see where your idea stacks up against the market and create a driving differentiation.


Regulation & Legislation

From federal laws, to state and even municipality specific regulations, mastering staying on top of this is a key component in successfully navigating the cannabis industry.


Consumer Targeting

Who are you in business for, and why are they selecting your product? No matter what we’re selling, we need to be able to clearly identify who we’re selling to, and why?


Education & Advocacy

Everyone wants to educate and gain influence, but advocacy requires a dedication to forever learning and openly sharing. This industry is so new, there is still so much to learn.

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About Me

I’m Shayda Torabi.
I Guide Cannabis Professionals towards Success in the industry.

Look, I know how you’re feeling. And if I’m being 100% honest, which I always am, I didn’t really plan for my life to course me towards working in cannabis full time. Yes, it often times feels like a dream come true, but as with everything enjoyable, there is the mirage and there is reality. I like to exist in reality, and not to burst your bubble, but this industry is tough. Should you want to proceed, buckle up, and let’s go!

I’ve learned a lot over the years and I believe the rising tide lifts all boats, so I’m here to help you.


There is opportunity for those who want to show up and work hard and weather the storm that is chasing this industry around. If you want to be a pioneer, I can help you, you just have to ask.


How I'm Making an Impact

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Daniel Johnson

"Shayda is such an inspirational speaker and has really helped to fully educate the attendees at our shows. She is extremely professional, ready and always on time. Her story is genuine and her presence at our show is definitely unmatched!"

Deena Aglio, USA CBD Expo

"Shayda is an absolute rock star that is helping to change the cannabis stigma. Her focus on educating her community and passion for the plant is unparallel in the space. In cannabis everything is harder and partnering with Shayda is one of the surest ways to make it possible to succeed."

Bryan Fields, 8th Revolution

"Shayda is a brilliant entrepreneur driven by the desire to create positive change in the cannabis industry. She is always well researched and stays driven to find answers to the tough questions this industry presents. I love working with her because of her professionalism and drive for success. If you have the opportunity to work with her in any fashion, take it!"

Leah Lakstins, Hemp Business Builder