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Marketing Expert, Public Speaker, and Cannabis Activist

I built one of the most nationally recognized CBD brands and now I want to help youÂ đŸŒ±

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About Me

Shayda Torabi is a Co-Founder of one of the leading Texas brands disrupting the CBD and cannabis space. She’s a frequent public speaker, podcast guest, and familiar face in the cannabis industry. Shayda is also veteran marketer with a background in digital technologies helping to brand and grow one of the leading WordPress brands. From idea to inception, Shayda has created compelling brands, social media campaigns, and marketing strategies that have grown her businesses to over 1 million total impressions with a multi platform marketing approach. If you want to get a first hand experience of what is possible for your cannabis brand, you need to connect with Shayda!


“A captivating speaker and storyteller! Her authenticity is both refreshing and entertaining.”
-Briana C. of General Assembly

“She is a recognized leader in this industry who shares genuine interest in providing outstanding customer experience, education, and community. I always look  forward to hearing Shayda speak!”
– Mike S. of Sante Cannabis Labs

“Shayda is such an inspirational speaker and has really helped to fully educate the attendees at our shows. She is extremely professional, ready and always on time. Her story is genuine and her presence at our show is definitely unmatched!” 
– Deena A. of USA CBD Expo

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