Krista Nichols 0:00
Our promotion set us apart. every single week, every Wednesday, a new one starts. And every Tuesday it ends. I’m in charge of all of the promotions enterprise wide. So I try to get the best deals that I can. And I think that our vendors see such incredible results from those promotions that they want to keep running them, you know, they want to get involved in our other programs. You know, often we stock Reddit, which I’m sure a lot of people in the industry do. But we see a lot of people you know, really impressed with our promotions. And the cool thing is too is promotions aren’t necessarily like a lateral thing. It’s like wild a good example when they came into Colorado last I believe it was last June. They were like we want to run Bogo dollars. You know, buy one get one for $1 like every other week. And they were like we know we need to make a splash because there’s all these other big players and so with those promotions, they saw exponential growth.

Announcer 1:04
You’re listening to two B one B podcasts for cannabis marketers. Were your host Shayda Torabi and her guests are trailblazing the path to marketing educating and professionalizing cannabis light one up and listen up. Here’s your host Shayda Torabi,

Shayda Torabi 1:24
what’s up everybody. Welcome back to The To be blunt, cannabis marketing podcast. I’m your host Shayda Torabi and if you are not here for cannabis, or marketing, hope you say anyways because I think that you’ll learn some cool shit. But with that said, I’m excited to be sharing another episode with y’all. If you’ve been tuning in, you know that I talk to guests from all aspects of the industry. I’ve had guests from Colorado, California, even Canada. Wow, we got a lot of C’s in the cannabis industry. But I really genuinely pride myself and this show on being a full 360 degree view on what the fuck is going on in the cannabis industry. And I could not be more stoked to share Today’s guest is Kristen Nichols. She is the marketing manager for my favorite I’m gonna say it my favorite dispensary. I’m talking like the place that I want to go to and spend my money at repeatedly because I like their quality of products. I like their environment and I really just love what they’re up to. I think they’re a really fun brand and that brand is light shade. They are a Denver based independently owned cannabis chain with nine locations. I’m not even fluffing you guys up. This is literally the dispensary. I go to the moment I land in Denver. I drive straight there. They just have the best selection. They have the best prices their bud tenders are awesome. And so I actually got connected to Krista because my recent trip to Denver. I landed and went straight to light shade. I got a big haul and I was tagging them on social media. And she happened to see my content and engage and so y’all know me. I had to shoot her a DM and invite her to be on the show. And while she said yes, so this episode is super exciting for me just because this is a brand that I genuinely truly like to support with my own money and they’re up to some really amazing things in the industry. They’ve been around for a long time going back to 2011. So pre the legal rec market in Colorado and we just got into some really great dialogue about you know what really sets them apart and makes consumers like myself want to shop with them. So let’s welcome Krista to the show.

Krista Nichols 4:02
I am Krista Nichols. I am the marketing manager at light shade dispensary’s. We are the biggest independently owned dispensary chain here in Colorado. We have nine locations and are hoping to expand in the next couple of years. I’m sure that that will happen. And I work primarily on managing our all of our marketing efforts, whether that’s display in store or promo negotiations with clients and different vendors and all of our CSR activities that were really really heavy in corporate social responsibility I manage all of those events. On the marketing side I do lots of merchandise ordering and design for the stores as well as all the fun fliers and digital assets and it’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you so much for having me.

Shayda Torabi 4:47
Thanks for being on the show. I’m gonna gush to you like I’ve rushed you off screen but for the listeners. light shade is my favorite dispensary literally. I mean, people should know this about me and if you don’t know this about me I love Colorado I spend a lot of time in Denver I grew up my family has a family and pagosa Springs. So Colorado is very near and dear to my heart just historically growing up in the mountains and the Rocky Mountain High and and so for me over the years, especially as Colorado’s legalized recreationally, I’ve found myself going to light shade and found myself continuously going to light shade, time and time again. And so for me, this is just a very exciting interview to be having, because it’s literally my go to dispensary when I’m in town, and you get to help represent that brand for this conversation. So thank you for being here. With that said, let’s kind of walked through, you know, the history of light shade. It was founded in 2011, recreational marijuana was not legalized until 2014. Now, we’re in 2021, you said you have nine locations? What has that journey been, like, especially being you know, independently owned and operated? Still, it’s a testament to the, you know, I think the business that the owners are building, and so I’m just curious kind of how that started.

Krista Nichols 6:02
Yeah, sure. So, like you said, you know, legalized in 2011, we opened our first location off of Holly and I 70, which is kind of by the airport kind of idi a very slowly grew from there, their real vision, I think, for light shade is to keep as much control of the company as they can, which outside funding doesn’t really lend itself to. So you know, they really wanted to focus on staying a little family, you know, slow and steady wins the race. And I think that our ownership has done a wonderful job of taking everything in stride, and making sure that you know, they maintain a really good company culture, without losing that close, tight knit aspect of Corporation, right, as you get bigger and bigger and IQ start expanding, or you know, you’re going to need more staff, your corporate team is going to grow your, you know, overhead is going to get bigger. So they’ve done a really good job of maintaining the growth at speed of which it’s obtainable, you know, and our and our growth will continue to kind of operate the same way I imagine. So, yeah, like I said, as an independently owned chain, we get a lot of benefits, because we get to decide what we want, you know, we don’t have to ask a ton of people, we don’t have to get approval on every single thing. You know, we have a lot of freedom, and I think that has really helped our brand stand apart is that we take risks, and we you know, have looked, especially with COVID, we’ve looked into really unique ways of marketing to our customers and consumers and we have a lot of freedom. So I think that that really helps us make our name one of the, you know, most boutique II quote unquote, in the industry. So

Shayda Torabi 7:46
what do you feel from your perspective is why consumers choose to shop with light shade, I can speak to a little bit potentially about my reasons for choosing light shade. I think it’s definitely just the atmosphere. It’s a very beautiful dispensary every time I come in, I just feel comfortable, I feel like I can, it’s not overwhelming. I think some dispensaries you go into can be very overwhelming. There’s so many products, I don’t know where to look what to pick, I think y’all have done a really good job with your bud tenders are very knowledgeable. And I think another component that y’all have done really well as incorporating technology into that experience. So whether it’s like the displays in the waiting room or the screens when you’re kind of shopping with a budtender those aspects to me have really helped make me feel like educated when I come into the store. And then I think on the product side is something that I just kind of observing to not specific to light shade, but especially comparing to light shade. Every dispensary doesn’t sell the same products. So whether that’s the same strains of marijuana, or it’s the same, you know, cart brand or edible brand. I think there’s definitely consistencies. There’s certainly no name brands like Juana which I know y’all carry. They’re a leader kind of across the board when it comes to edibles. But I do think that there’s other you know, unique aspects of products that y’all provide. And I remember one of the things that really, you know, captured my attention with y’all was you do these little kind of half gram joints. The minis,

yeah, the minis, as somebody who doesn’t you know, live in Colorado, I’m always just kind of coming in for like a quick weekend, whether it’s to ski or just to hang out in the city. Full gram joints always too much. And obviously, I’m not carrying around like a pipe and all these things with me. So it’s like, ooh, what can be kind of like convenient and I think maybe y’all weren’t the first to create that. But it was something that y’all had done. It was in a really cute little tip that I always looked forward to like, Okay, I gotta land I gotta go straight to light shade, and I kind of get my little mini joint fix. So those are some of the things that I’ve observed about your brand. I’m curious what, from your perspective, both working there and what you’re observing from your consumers are things that are resonating with them that really have cemented you as this leading dispensary coming out of Colorado.

Krista Nichols 9:55
Yeah, absolutely. Um, you know, I think it starts with our people first and foremost, like you touched on it, our bud tenders are so knowledgeable, they’re so kind, you know, they’re all very welcoming. They’re just good people, and they’re doing what they love, you know, we have a really strong, like I mentioned earlier, a really strong company culture, as far as, you know, making sure that the customer comes first, but also getting really, you know, in depth education, we write our own record, our own light cast is what they’re called on, our training team will have the vendors come in, and they’ll record an educational session for all of our bud tenders, when we get a new vendor or old vendors come up with new products, and they need to be, you know, up to date, they get sampled out all the time, you know, our bud tenders are really happy to receive samples from from staff, or from vendors, I’m sorry, and be able to try the products and, you know, that’s kind of how they get knowledgeable, right, they get exposed to all these educational opportunities, and they’re also sampling all the products. And we’re also really, into bringing in new brands and seeing how they do you know, we have a really robust catalog of products to the point that sometimes it gets overwhelming. But you know, we’re, we’re definitely open you you touched on wanna, I think another big player that we were pleasantly surprised with this year was wild coming in from Oregon. I know, they’re also huge in California. They’ve been great, really wonderful partner to us, too. You know, we’re just, we’re risk takers, I think and we really like to see how things do and then base our business model kind of around that, if that makes sense. So we’re bringing in, you know, different topicals, the escape artist topicals have been great. You know, we’ve we’ve carried Mary’s medicinals for a very long time. So there’s a lot of movement in the industry. And you and I kind of talked about that a little bit prior to jumping on here. But there’s so many really cool things that are happening. And we definitely want to be a part of that. So I think that sets us apart. I also think that our promotion set us apart, every single week, every Wednesday, a new one starts. And every Tuesday at ends, I’m in charge of all of the promotions enterprise wide. So I try to get the best deals that I can. And I think that our vendors see such incredible results from those promotions, that they want to keep running them, you know, they want to get involved in our other programs. And, you know, often we stock Reddit, which I’m sure a lot of people in the industry do. But we see a lot of people, you know, really impressed with our promotions. And the cool thing is too is promotions aren’t necessarily like a lateral thing. It’s like wild a good example, when they came into Colorado last I believe it was last June, they were like we want to run Bogo dollars, you know by we get one for $1 like every other week. And they’re like, we know we need to make a splash because there’s all these other big players. And so with those promotions, they saw exponential growth. While people may come into light shade to try deal, they’re gonna try a product like it and they can potentially go elsewhere and buy it. So, you know, I think that we do a pretty good job not to pat myself on the back.

Shayda Torabi 13:07
On the back. Oh, I was gonna echo that too. Because I think another thing that y’all do really well that I want to kind of dive into, but it touches on this promotional aspect is the text messaging, text message marketing. Again, I think it’s sensitive because some people like I look into getting text message marketing done for my CBD dispensary here in Austin, and I was talking to our agency and they were like, you know, well, it can work for the people who really like text message marketing, like they’ll be loyal. But for a lot of people it’s very, you know, it’s like you said, especially if you’re running promotions every Wednesday, that’s potentially someone getting a text once a week, I know. So because I’m still on your text list is something again, that I look forward to receiving I know when I land, I’m gonna go to light shade, they’re going to have some promotional deal going on. So for me, I understand the psychology kind of behind it as well of just like you want to keep engaging the consumer, you want to put something in front of them. But more so on the promotional side, it is really cool to hear how you’re kind of connecting the dots especially for and this is kind of my aside for anybody listening, you know, maybe you’re not a dispensary or a business owner in that capacity. But maybe you’re actually a brand and you’re trying to think of how do you get your product in front of new consumers. And I think to your point, it’s it’s risk taking obviously, there’s a lot of ways to the top I like to say that a lot there’s not one linear track and so again to echo for people listening, you know, they can hear our stories, our journeys and try to imitate it and it might not work for them but it might work. And so to hear that you have positioned yourself as a brand who is still kind of remaining in control of the business because it is independently owned, you have that freedom to go and kind of work with the brands that you choose to want to incorporate and bring into the store as well as listening to kind of the market like I love that you mentioned Reddit I don’t personally hang out on Reddit unless some out girl unless you have a few hours don’t even go to Reddit and clubhouse to me right now or like I want to be a part of it. But it just takes up so much time. But I know that it’s a value because we get mentioned on Reddit a lot. And so I know that’s where consumers are hanging out. So that’s kind of just a cool aside of, maybe if you’re in cannabis and you want to learn what’s going on in the market, you should hang out on Reddit. I think that for us, I talk a lot about Delta eight on this podcast. But Delta eight is huge in Texas right now. And we found out honestly about Delta eight, originally from consumers who were coming in I go, how did you hear about where did you hear about Delta at like Reddit, and I was like, What the fuck is Reddit doing? So it just further I think, cements the power of the community. And I think that the community is growing very rapidly. And so as in business as an industry, it’s like, how do you kind of manage that, but kind of going back to the promotional aspect? What does that look like from your day to day? Is it you know, hey, here’s a really cool product we want to put in front of people, like you said, sometimes it’s brands who want to kind of keep promotions going on with promotions always a part of the light shade kind of business plan? Or is it something newer that y’all incorporated? I’m curious what the timeline is for introducing promotions, and even some of this text message marketing? Sure, yeah.

Krista Nichols 16:11
So um, I think, you know, I’ve only been with light shade about two years coming up on two years. So I, I’m kind of unfamiliar with how they did things previously. And short answer is yes, it’s always been, you know, in the forefront of our mind primarily, because as Colorado was the first to legalize cannabis, it has been such a competitive space, everyone is trying to, like, you know, have the lowest prices or have the best experience or have the this have that, like, you know, everybody wants to stand out in a different way. I know that promotions have always been a big part of light shade. And when I came into my position, our CEO was kind of challenged me and he was like, Hey, listen, like I want to Bogo dollars every month, to help get our customers familiar with all of our different products, which to me, I was like to, I’ll just, I’ll try and do as many as I can, you know, I didn’t, I didn’t really know what I was up against. So, you know, as time went on, and I developed these really wonderful relationships with our vendors, and they started trusting me. You know, it just has gotten easier and easier for me to be like, Hey, you know, your competitor is doing a Bogo dollar this month, it would make sense from a competitive edge to incur this marketing cost, and you’ve run one, you know, primary, every six weeks to two months, I’d say we maybe will see a repeat of Bogo dollars of the same vendor. But for the most part, you know, we have such a wide spread of vendors, that they all want to be a part of it because they know that that’s how their product is going to get in our customers hands. So like right now, for example, I have I think I have our promo schedule booked out through May because competitors see like Eureka is like, Oh, well, you know, select is running a Bogo dollar. So they’re, you know, going to get into the consumers hands like we should probably run one in the next couple of months and figure out how to budget that into our 2021 plan. So that we can stay competitive, right? Because it is such a noisy space it is. There’s so many cool people doing so much cool stuff. And they need to assist the consumer with getting their products into the hand because you’ve been into a lot of light shade. So you know, kind of how our displays are set up. And I’ll touch on that really quick. Because you said you know, when you first came here, I had the exact same experience. I went into a dispensary. They had every single product in their case. And I was just like, I didn’t know what to do. I was super educated. You know, I’ve been consuming cannabis for a very long time. But, you know, I’m old school. So I was flour until I until I walked into a dispensary when I was I don’t know, 26 maybe 27. And I was so overwhelmed that I left I didn’t buy anything I was I was just like, you know, I think I asked for a chocolate bar and somebody was like, Oh, you could try this. Or you could try this or you could try this. I’m like, Oh yeah, but what are you going to sell me? You know, like, how do I? What makes anything better than something else? And, you know, so we kind of took that and we’re like, well, we don’t really want that super overwhelming experience. So in our stores we have what are called bays or service bays are where you you know, interact with a budtender and and they help you with your cannabis journey. We decided that we only wanted to represent eight brands at a time. So that was kind of something else that you know, I kind of for fronted, when I got into my position is I was like, Okay, well there’s got to be some uniformity to this. So every six months, we put new vendors in there. We also have banners on the bottom, like little decals that are kind of mimicking billboards. Because you know, with cannabis, you’re so limited on where you can advertise how you can advertise, you know, you can’t do Google paid search, you can’t do anything. Well, I mean, you can do some things on social media, but you’re limited there. So you know, we wanted to give our vendors as many opportunities in store as we could to get their brands visible to get people asking about them. I love that you were talking about the in store screens. When you’re sitting in the lobby, we utilize those all the time to kind of educate people and highlight different things. So, you know, I think that that’s kind of how our promotional journey has started. And how it continues to go is that our vendors, you know, we have, I think we have over 60 of them right now, which is a lot. But to stay relevant. In our company, at least, you need to engage in some of those things, because your competitors are, so unless you want to get lost, which I don’t think anybody does, you know, they they stay up to date on those things, and they build the marketing cost into the budget. And, you know, the data speaks for itself. I mean, we see hundreds of percent lift for some of the promotions from week before sales to week of So, no, I

Shayda Torabi 20:47
appreciate that. Because, again, it’s so fun for me, because I literally was just in Denver a couple weeks ago. So I was like, thinking through Okay, what was my experience? Like, what was I looking at what is it seemed to me and just to hear your kind of, you know, confirmation of that. When we were talking before we were recording, right? The consumer doesn’t know all the work that goes in behind the scenes. And I think the consumer is not very privy to the hurdles and roadblocks that we go through as an industry to market these brands that carry the business and so yeah, I mean, you painted the perfect picture it’s like you know, newbie walks into a dispensary especially in Denver. It’s so easy to like fly in most nonstop flights go there. People are like, okay, we’ve legal here I am. Where do I go? You know, you do a quick Google search. Maybe you’re lucky you end up at a light shade. Maybe you’re not.

Unknown Speaker 21:39
I 70?

Shayda Torabi 21:41
Literally that’s like, okay, right there. Yes, takes me straight. But it is it’s just the subconscious right. Like, I think there’s definitely a difference between weed is legal. And you can go to this place and you can purchase it, too. Now, what’s the experience? Like how do I fit myself into different products? I like you grew up old school smoking torchin that was a you know, and to be welcomed into this environment of now there’s topicals. Now there’s, you know, edibles and y’all were doing a promotion with next one carts, and I, as somebody who vapes a lot, I love to kind of fall on my own sort of like, it’s still confusing for me, it’s still very confusing. I’m like, which one do I like? And what’s the right strain? And

Krista Nichols 22:26
which turn? How do they differ? And

Shayda Torabi 22:28
yeah, I’m like live resin and all these things. And so I remember walking in and it was after I got the text, I saw that that was the promotion, I go into the store, the bud tenders like, Hey, we’re looking for carts. These are you know, buy one, get one and I was like, You know what, I’m here for a weekend, I would love to buy a sativa and get an IndyCar like Why not? That seems really reasonable to me. And so it’s just the psychology again, behind like a consumer who just walks into the store and they’re like, man, I just want to buy some stuff. But all the work that you’re doing to go in and you’re even touching on you know, the banners of the bottom of the the displays, I remember looking down, I even took a picture of it. Because I think it was wild was up. And so that is for me something interesting, too, as you’re seeing kind of this interstate commerce happening are some of these states popping up, out state some of these brands from out of state popping up in other states? Obviously, they can’t just ship those products, they have to be manufactured in the state and so that brand wild is like hey, we want to make a splash in Colorado. How do we do that? Okay, let’s go partner with dispensaries like light shade, who can help put our products in front of consumers to really, you know, be competitive. I know people always shy away from competition. But I think competition strengthens the industry. And so it’s like, hey, well, if this guy’s making a good deal, or you know, selling or the consumer can get it for a better price, better ratio, I’m seeing so many ratio products. Now that’s really interesting for me to start to pick apart things. And yeah, so it’s just really fascinating to get to hear your perspective on kind of how that stuff gets actually merchandise in the store display presented to the consumers. Because it’s very thoughtful. Obviously, it’s not just, here’s some stuff that’s legal for you to buy. Now,

Krista Nichols 24:08
of course, when we try to we really do try to cater to everybody, right? We try to cater to the brand new 21 year old who’s never been into a dispensary before we try to cater to people, my parents age who are in their 60s, you know, to kind of go back to what you’re saying about text marketing, I set all those up. And that’s all my verbiage. And I try to be like, woo like rah, rah, you know? Because I know that people look forward to those every single Wednesday, you know, I know that they’re like, Oh, I can’t wait to see like, what do they have coming up this week? Or you know, what special is going on or anything like that. It’s such a powerful tool to communicate information. We’re all attached to our phones. We’re all creatures of habit. We’re all scrolling and looking and texting and, you know, social media and all that stuff. And, you know, so it’s fun to be able to reach so many people with such a quick, you know, little thing I mean, it’s not little, there’s a lot going on. But, uh, you know, it’s, it’s, we have I think, 45,000 subscribers, I know. And it’s all wrapped into our loyalty program too. So every time you sign up to receive our tax, you’re automatically enrolled in a loyalty program where with every purchase, you get, you accrue points. And then once you get to 500 points, you get a $25 credit in the store. So, you know, there’s lots of benefits to it, it helps keep people engaged. Again, it’s super quick, really easy way to communicate information. And people really like them. So I think that’s cool. And, you know, to kind of go back to what you were saying about competition. You know, I think that there is healthy competition. And I think it’s honestly necessary because I think that there is something for everyone, right, like, just because you like next one cards, doesn’t mean that somebody else is going to so it’s really important, and I focus a lot on this is giving people a wide variety of options, right? So every month is going to look different, you know, if someone is really loyal to summit concentrates, and we have a deal running with them next week, you know, when they get that text, they’re like, Oh, I usually shop at Goodwill or green dragon or wherever they shop. And usually they get summit products, but now they’re on sale at light shade. So I’m going to go buy them there, you know, and I think that there is, you know, it’s tough to

Unknown Speaker 26:17
put into a

Krista Nichols 26:18
box because people’s behaviors are so different. You know, they, it’s, it’s, it’s, there’s so much psychology that goes behind putting together all of these programs and, and marketing to different kinds of people. You know, I think that our promotion certainly speak to a wide variety of people and I hope that everyone can find something that they like and to kind of touch on what you were saying too about like the ratio products there’s so much new cool shit going on. And so much for everyone right like whether you’re really you know, heavy into edibles and you really are looking for something that helps you sleep and has CBN in it or you know, like wild just came out with that CBN gummy wanna has the fast acting and, you know, micro dose and all these things, it’s, it’s really cool to see the evolution of these vendors to and how they’re trying to stand apart and, you know, create, like the best product that they possibly can. And it’s just so fun and like you were saying earlier when we before we started recording, you know, it’s so fast paced, and there’s so much change happening all the time that you know, we want to make sure that we’re staying up on that stuff and staying very educated on it and making sure that whatever our vendors are passionate about and coming out with, you know, we want to look at it and say like Okay, is there a place for this in our market? You know, do our consumers tend to gravitate this way microdose stuff absolutely like the Stillwater gummies the 2.5 milligrams I believe that they are so delicious. But you know with edibles too, you want to start slow. And you know you want to make sure that you’re not overwhelming yourself which I’m sure we’ve all had a terrible edible two man’s same mostly when I was like baking brownies in college. Oh yeah.

Shayda Torabi 28:09
Like how many milligrams is in this whole tray? I don’t care I’ll

Krista Nichols 28:14
I’m hungry. So Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 28:16
Yeah. But yeah,

Krista Nichols 28:17
it’s really cool to be able to offer so many different things to our consumers and be able to hopefully introduce them to some new things that they may really love.

Shayda Torabi 28:27
Yeah, it’s really fascinating to kind of like I’m kind of reflecting as you’re saying this to me the brands I don’t see a ton of new brands necessarily hitting the market and that’s probably a you know, a reason because of how the industry is just structured in Colorado and how its structured federally it’s really difficult from my observation to like be a new brand. However with that said, I do think that brands are emerging as well as brands that are already cemented have been evolving. So you know, like you’re talking about specifically with these ratios and these micro dosing like I’ve become obsessed with the wanna strawberry Margarita. Oh my gosh milligram CBD, five milligram THC fast. I don’t know. I used to love Actually, I got turned on to a brand. I forget the parent brand name, but they’re the little mints they come in like yellow and green. They’re in a little rectangle container.

Unknown Speaker 29:24
Oh, is it Dixie? Dixie Dixie? Yeah,

Announcer 29:27
those are good too.

Shayda Torabi 29:28
I love those but they don’t have like five milligrams of that hits way different than the five milligrams of wanna and so even me just being a more seasoned consumer, watching these different brands kind of evolve their products or their different ratios. There definitely is technology that I think is coming to market as we do further research and so it’s just it’s a fun thing to be able to explore with kind of the backdrop of like a really professional y’all are very professional welcoming, but like accessible brand to me and you touched It’s like the consumers really kind of evolved right? It’s not just somebody who like smokes a ton or like is a heavy you know THC. Or it’s like my mom once you know a nice CBD ratio THC product or, you know I got into y’all were selling the Mary’s transdermal patches, I’ve never done a transdermal patch,

Announcer 30:20
oh my god, they’re life changing,

Shayda Torabi 30:22
it’s crazy. And so to have those products be put in front of consumers in a way that makes them feel comfortable to want to try them. I just always reflect back to like, where y’all as a brand have met me and my curiosity. And it’s just been a really sweet spot for me to continue to explore. So I love just hearing kind of like the behind the scenes from your perspective on how those products really get presented to the consumer. Because Because again, the consumer just sees like, Oh, I’m looking for a topical or I’m looking for an edible that does this and so the budtender helping you know, communicate that to the consumer is really important.

Krista Nichols 30:56
Oh, absolutely, absolutely. One The other thing too about that is you know, I think that some people come in knowing what they want knowing what they like knowing what to ask for and other people are like help I have no idea what I’m doing Yeah, exactly like what what are your offerings and so I think that having that really strong budtender education and having them you know have a really strong knowledge of the product catalog and knowing what we carry what it does how it helps you know, that’s just so huge if you throw people in a dispenser in you know, they’re trying to sell things that they have no idea what they do how they help with you know what they’re used for it you’re you’re gonna fall flat on your face so

Shayda Torabi 31:34
it’s a commodity it’s I mean these like you said these brands are being sold at other dispensaries it’s not you know, you’re the only place selling these products and so it’s everything else encapsulated around that experience is what makes the consumer want to come shop with you whether it’s Oh, I forgot that I am you know on the text service. I’m getting a text this week. Let me see what you know light shades up to or Hey, now I’m in the store and I’m curious You know, I’m looking for a new type of product in the bud tenders being educated or even just like honestly the I remember there was one light shade and I’ve seen it in multiple locations but there was one that had these posters by gold leaf which is a cannabis. Oh yeah. Really pretty cannabis art. So you’ll have them on display and I just remember thinking Oh, that’s so beautiful. Like I love that just like what a nice little educational touch that this brand has incorporated into the experience and so again me gushing to you it’s like this why light shade take all my money like again honestly, when we were in Denver and so we landed I went straight to light shade we went to the mountains we went skiing and then we came back in the city and I was like, Oh, I want to go try this other dispensary that my friend recommended I should go check out this new place and then we ended up going to light shade again and I spent all my money and I was like about it though. I wasn’t mad about it. It’s like I know what I’m gonna get. I know the prices are great. I know that it’s you know, what you see is what you get and it’s it’s transparent but it’s also exciting and just comfortable for me so

Krista Nichols 33:00
great. I’m so happy that you have that experience and I hope that everybody does you know I we really strive for that we really strive to make everybody comfortable and you know going into a dispensary can be super overwhelming, especially if you’re a new consumer. And so I’m thrilled to hear that so thank you so much.

Shayda Torabi 33:16
Oh my gosh, happy to fangirl all day long for you guys a

quick break to say thank you to restart CBD for sponsoring this podcast, restart. CBD is a brand my sisters and I founded in our hometown in Austin, Texas. We operate a retail location as well as an e commerce store. And you can browse our wide range of CBD products at restart Again, thank you to restart for allowing me the time and resources to put on to be blunt. I hope you’ll check them out for your CBD needs. Let’s go back to the episode. I want to transition though because I think it’s really cool that y’all are vertically integrated. And so I want to hear from you, you know what is vertically integrated mean, for light Shea What does it mean being vertically integrated in Colorado? And y’all just about a year ago opened a brand new facility to be growing in?

Krista Nichols 34:14
Yeah, sure. So we opened a 40,000 square foot greenhouse. It’s, you know, one of our CSR, we operate our corporate social responsibility program, also five pillars sustainability being one of them. So that’s something that we take very seriously. We work really closely alongside Denver urban gardens as well in our community efforts. But sustainability is huge. And that’s a lot of criticism that our industry gets is how wasteful our packaging is how you know, how our carbon footprint is through the roof compared to you know, other industries, which is not untrue at all. And so something that we really wanted to focus on was, you know, what we could control we wanted to help and however way we could Our owners were working on this greenhouse for I think, like three years before it got opened. And it is massive. I mean, it is huge. It’s you walk into it. And next time you’re here, I’ll take you on a tour, but

Unknown Speaker 35:10
oh my god. Yeah, I

Krista Nichols 35:12
know, it’s it’s so much fun. And our growers are so wonderful. And we actually were working with a third party grower system, I don’t exactly know how you would classify that. But we ended up bringing them under the light shade name, too. So they became full time employees for us rather than us, you know, contracting them out, which has been a huge help as well. But yeah, with the integration of the greenhouse, you know, we’ve been able to really bring some of our in house strains to a much higher volume level. So you know, lavender Jones, redheaded stranger, Durbin, poison, you know, some of the strains that we’ve always grown, we’ve really been able to ramp up and, you know, get out in mass in bulk, which is great. Yeah. And I mean, it’s just been such a cool thing to be kind of a leader in that aspect. You know, I think we, with the incorporation of this greenhouse, we actually decreased our carbon footprint by about 40%, which is huge. Yeah. So you know, all the water is recycled, all the soil is recycled. It’s, it’s the, the way that the plants are being raised is fascinating. I mean, it’s and it’s so important. It’s such a huge piece of our world right now, we all need to be more environmentally conscious. And I think working for a company that, you know, yeah, sometimes that comes out in press. And sometimes that comes out that we have this, you know, incredible greenhouse, but it doesn’t get focused on as much as it should, I don’t think and, you know, people who really are tree huggers, like myself, I love the environment. And I really think it’s super important, again, that we all try to take better care of it. But working for a company that is so passionate about the growth of that and making sure that we’re doing our part is, you know, a huge positive for me, and it makes me really proud. You know, we’re kind of veering away from having the big, like plastic eight containers, we’re moving to sustainable bags, you know, that are, they have like a little zip and they’re much more condensed, they’re much smaller, there’s much less waste. We also work alongside a company called Green for green. And we have receptacles in every single dispensary location, all nine of them, where you can take literally any single packaging that can be recycled. So I’m talking plastic, cardboard, anything like that, and you can recycle it with green for green. So next time you’re here, keep your packaging and then go recycle it when you go for a second time. So yeah, it’s it’s Yeah, and it’s really just made us feel good. And like we’re trying to do our part in the industry, as far as you know, like I said, decreasing our carbon footprint and, and, you know, hopefully that makes our customers love us a little bit more. It’s

Shayda Torabi 37:51
super important. I mean, you touched on it. And I think again, consumers don’t realize and potentially people even getting into the industry don’t realize, and I do think it’s more affected on the marijuana side just because the regulations are more cemented in place depending on what state you’re living in. But obviously like California has gone through the wringer. I know, Colorado’s gone through the wringer when it comes to packaging, but it’s like you want the product to be safe. So you have to have certain precautions to make it childproof, or the way that no displayed or multiple levels of packaging and, and obviously that then creates more waste. And so it’s like, wait, this is supposed to be a plant that’s helping us which we hope is obviously helping the plants for the environment like it’s just like hemp hemp regenerative for the soil, and then you kind of back out of it. You’re like, wait, what are we doing with all this shit? packaging? And so part of that is not going away, because that’s just how the regulations are right now. But it’s more so like what as brands and businesses in the space can we do to offset it? And so it is really cool to hear that that is at the forefront for your brand because again, I think most consumers don’t really realize like oh, weeds legal, I just want to buy and it comes in, like you said, you know, an eight little plastic pop top container. How can we start to create some change? And I think as the industry opens up, you are starting to see different, you know, ancillary or supplementary brands and businesses come up that are addressing these issues. I love that you mentioned is it green for green I I got to look into that because it’s something that we’re trying to do too. Just being conscious of our packaging here in Austin and in Texas with my CBD brand like we can get away with things not being super childproof at this point because no brain regulating that aspect.

Krista Nichols 39:37
Fortunately, or unfortunately,

Shayda Torabi 39:38
exactly. It’s like I would love to some regulation but nobody’s you know, making me make sure that my labels say this or that my packaging is like this way and so just something to be conscious of. And so we do try to encourage our consumers to recycle our packaging as well. But there’s there aren’t really programs that are built for this industry that can be supported through that lifecycle. So it’s just cool for me and I’m sure the listeners to learn about some of these things that y’all have been able to take advantage of to step in that direction. Going back to the greenhouse, though, you have already been growing your own strains. So genetics, but I was reading an article that I think one of your like lead cultivars did just talking about the greenhouse being a more of an opportunity to further create your own genetics and create your own strains. I think that’s where, you know, kind of in the scheme of cannabis, it really ultimately comes down to what makes you feel good, what is or combination of medicine. And so I love that I think hemp really in my opinion, has helped drive the conversation forward of like, different terpene profiles and different cannabinoids as is. Yeah, like I said, I’ve gone to Denver many times, I have a lot of friends in the industry. And when I was launching my CBD brand, three and a half years ago, they were like, What the fuck are you doing selling CP? And I was like, yo, can I get some CBD heavy strains in the dispensary? So one of my friends was working at a medical dispensary. And he’s like, yeah, we don’t, we don’t really sell CBD. And I’m like, but the market we didn’t know, nobody really knew. And so I think as it continues to evolve, you’re really getting into Not only is it like indicum makes me feel good for sleeping and cityville something that I like to smoke before I go, you know, shred the mountain, it’s, well, maybe it’s actually curial filing that I really like and it’s a blend of kario filing mixes, like maybe a little bit of CBD to THC ratio. And so I think that is where I’m really excited. And I have to plug my guests from a couple weeks ago, by the time this airs, I interviewed the SVP of marketing from leafly. And oh, cool, super dope. I mean, they’ve just had this huge strain library. And it’s just fascinating. You know, we have the, the marketing, you know, the Bubba Kush, the Pineapple Express the Durbin sour, and you kind of mentioned some of those. But then there are also new genetics. And I think those are where then the consumer is finding, you know, hey, actually, this strain is really what’s best for me. And I think that that empowers vertically integrated brands, like light shade, to say, hey, well, these are our strains, and this is what we’re growing or this is what we’re able to provide to our consumers. And so I’m just curious how that aspect of you know, the grow house has opened up that opportunity for you or what your thoughts are, in terms of kind of the genetics, this the strains that you’re able to offer to your consumers? Do you notice that they’re really loyal to certain strains that you’re carrying? Or they look for generic things? You know, and that’s, that’s such an interesting question. Because I was in the store, I was in our Sheraton location yesterday, switching out while

Krista Nichols 42:40
I was in sixth stores yesterday, but I was at the Sheraton store, switching out some of our displays. And so within the greenhouse, we’re growing both medical and recreational. And like you had said, you know, we’ve been growing our own genetics for a very long time, we have a grow attached to our Holly facility, as well as our Peoria location. And now the greenhouse and our Evans location also has to grow. So I was in the Sheraton store. And I was kind of messing with a display case. And you know, a customer came in or a budtender was helping him and he was explaining this new strain, I honestly, I’m kind of removed from the greenhouse as far as like what they’re putting out just because it’s happening so fast. And like, I try to keep up on it. But But yeah, he was talking about this heavier on the CBD side of a flower that had just come out. And I was like, Oh, that’s cool. Like I didn’t, I knew that that was in production, I knew that it was coming up, I didn’t know that it had been released already. And so that was really interesting to hear him talk about, you know, the benefits of adding, you know, some CBD into the lineage of the strain and the genetics and how, you know, that will accompany the high from the THC. And you know, that it will make you more relaxed. And because it was a medical customer, he ended up buying some because he was a ex vet, or he is a vet, he was ex military. And he has PTSD. And so that was the right thing for him to see was like, oh, I’ve always, you know, been recommended CBD, I’ve never tried it. He ended up getting some so that was a really cool conversation for me to overhear, because, you know, I’m constantly learning from the bud tenders to they’re at the forefront. You know, they’re making the sales, they’re really on the front lines. And they’re the ones who honestly have the most knowledge of this stuff, because they have to, they’re selling it. So I’m constantly being educated by these guys and really just impressed with their breadth of knowledge and how much they know and and how familiar they are with all this stuff. To go back to your other question. We do have a really robust line of in house genetics that we’ve kept for a really long time. Boba Fett being one of them. So, you know, it’s more of like an indika heavy indika Another thing that I was gonna say, when you were saying like, Oh, you know, I recognize that this strain makes me feel sleepy or this does this and we kind of thought outside the box. I’m unsure when this kind of mentality came to play in light shades history, but we categorize our strains by four different mood categories, so they are enlivened. inspire, rest and calm. So calm and inspire are like the hybrids, right? So inspire would be like a sativa hybrid calm would be an indica hybrid rest will be a heavy indica and enliven would be a heavy sativa. So, when customers come in, they are able to view on the top display case, they’re able to view the different kinds of flower that we have. And then accompanying the name of the flower is the category that they’re in. So you know, someone can come in and say, I like I cannot do see Chivas at all whatsoever, they make me super anxious, I have never liked them, like I am in the car all

Unknown Speaker 45:39
the way all the time.

Krista Nichols 45:40
So you know, when I would go into a dispensary, I’d always ask for an agenda. And I think that that kind of takes a little bit of the guesswork out of it for some consumers who might be newer to the experience. And it helps them kind of get a little guide on what they might like. And so, you know, that has been a really interesting process as we come out with new genetics, you know, kind of resting on our cultivars and our, you know, people who genetically modified them, like our growth team, who are just brilliant, our growth staff, I think the managers both went to CSU for agriculture. So they’re very smart. But yeah, it’s cool. Because as we come out with these new strains, we, you know, have an in house team that tests them and then categorizes them. And it’s Yeah, it’s really unique. And I really like that that’s kind of a way that we’ve also tried to set ourselves apart is by incorporating these different mood categories to hopefully accompany you know, and experience for people who are looking for something particular.

Shayda Torabi 46:33
Yeah, I appreciate you sharing that, because I do think that as this industry continues to evolve, it’s like indika, Steven hybrid are great for classifying, you know, the plant kind of at an abstract level, right. I do think consumers are being marketed to in so many ways, whether it’s packaging, it’s their friends experience, it’s, you know, what the internet is saying maybe what they’re reading on leafly, or some random blog on the internet, suggesting that they need this particular strain of this particular product. And so, at the end of the day, I still stand by which was what I said earlier to, you know, it’s how does it make you feel as a consumer, and so the you needs the right, I joke in our shop that I, you know, our bud tenders in our team, we’re like, Sherpas on your cannabis mountain journey. I’m not going on your, you gotta go, I gotta, you know, encourage you to go up the mountain. But like, I can say, Hey, here’s this side of the mountain. Here’s that side of the mountain. Here’s what an end because the tiva, these different terpenes will make you feel, potentially, but it’s getting them comfortable to thinking, How do I want to feel what am I looking for? What am I comfortable? I think a lot of times too, is just reflecting on our own store. We get people who come in, and they’re like, I don’t want to smoke something. And I’m like, you don’t have to write. You know, like, Oh, I hear you just gotta smoke the dope. But I’m like, No, you don’t have to smoke. There’s topicals. There’s edibles. There’s tinctures, like there’s all applications. And then something else that you said that I love to echo is just, you’re like, you know, I don’t I don’t know some of these things sometimes. And I live in that zone. Everything if I knew everything, what a boring life, how horrible would that be? knowing everything, I think it’s so enriching to be coming from a place of like, hey, there’s this new strain. And I haven’t tried it yet. And like, let me observe how the consumers experiences to how my bud tenders experiences. And I think it’s just as exciting for me to hear that coming from you representing a brand that I really love. Because that’s the approach that I take with everything. It’s like, there’s always something more to learn. There’s even the same strain, the same product. I mean, it’s funny you talk about you can’t have us a diva, I consume a lot, a lot. I have some friends who they know, they can’t keep up with me. And sometimes I’m supposed to TiVo girl, and then like those sometimes, you know, take distintivo thinking like, Oh, she’s just a diva. It’s not that crazy. And they’re like, on the floor. And I’m like, yo, you know, we all take a puff of the same thing and have the same experience. So I think that’s really what I try to convey with my brand. And I gravitate towards brands that don’t put people or put products into a box, right. It’s really about the exploration of it. And so it is really cool just to hear your approach of of evolving with the market because I think as the market continues to change, I mean, hell, I’m sure when weed was first legalized in Colorado, it was a much different landscape than it is now where you have over 910 states legalized, you have people who are more everyday regular consumers who kind of you know, again, even myself I’ve been consuming cannabis for over a decade and I still consider myself sometimes a novice. I’m like, What is a live distillate? I’m like shit, I gotta like Google these things before I go into dispensary sometimes. But it is just a testament again to I think the brand and the environment that y’all have created. And so I just think it’s really cool for for people to get to hear this story. From your perspective. So, with that said, Is there anything that we didn’t touch on that you really want to leave the listeners with?

Krista Nichols 50:06
Uh, yeah, for sure. So one of the things to kind of accompany what we were just talking about, and like the customer experience and kind of figuring out what’s right for you. So about two years ago, maybe three now, we started engaging with a company, that’s amazing. They’re a nonprofit, they’re called leaf 411. And they are a free international cannabis network of nurses. So people who are new consumers who don’t necessarily know what they’re looking for, but they know they have back pain, they know they have joint pain, they know they are restless, they can’t sleep, they have this, they have that, you know, a strong stance that light shade takes is that we are not doctors, we’re not medical consultants, we’re not nurses, we’re a retail store. But we partnered with Lee for one to send customers who may be looking for something specific to alleviate an issue in their life, or, you know, end to end to give them this resource at no cost. So, if, you know you’re thinking about getting into cannabis for the first time, or you want to try something new, or you’re looking for something specific, I highly recommend that you call them they’re very, very knowledgeable, really gentle, very understanding, you know, and they’re a network of cannabis nurses, they’re going to give you recommendations that an in store staff could not. So again, that’s leaf 411. And the website I believe, is leaf for one So, you know, I think that that’s also something that really, we’ve done a good job of standing apart with is, you know, partnering with these guys, and it really does, you know, give us the opportunity to help our customers walk down a path that you know, they’re they’re comfortable with. So

Unknown Speaker 51:49
but other than that,

Krista Nichols 51:49
no, I’m good girl.

Shayda Torabi 51:50
This was fine. I’m so glad you shared that resource though because I do think that that is something I can only imagine what your experiences reflecting on a state like Colorado that is just obviously super historical when it comes to cannabis but also knowing just the shit that it’s gone through. In fact, I’m thinking back to an episode I did with Ricardo Baka he Oh, yeah. I mean, obviously just like super incredible journalists in the cannabis space coming from Denver, really on the forefront when I mean, he was the marijuana editor of the devil. Ya know, it’s like he was he was there when y’all transition in. So I remember watching the documentary that they did, I think it’s called Rolling Papers. It’s on Netflix or anybody wants to watch it. Oh, check it out. Oh, Kratos legalization from Minnesota rec market. And I remember he had this writer on staff who was like a mother and she did this column. And she’s talking about cannabis and Parenthood. And at the time, I mean, you’re thinking about 2014. Presently, in 2021, I still have mothers and and you know, people who are pregnant breastfeeding who are like cannabis for these things. I’m like, I’m not a doctor, I don’t know. And then normally, it’s like, there’s not enough information out there, professionally, medically, to kind of link them to and I just remember kind of watching and observing this writer of his kind of get some flack for it, because she’s like, I like cannabis. And I’m a mother and my son’s three. And he’s beautiful and great and healthy. And why are you questioning my keep judging me, please? Yeah. And so I just I shared that to reflect on Wow, look at how far we’ve come. And also look at how far we have to go. Because I have, again, people who asked me, can I do this, I have this ailment, I have this disease. I want to take cannabis for this for that. And I’m like, Look, I’m not a doctor. You can Google things you might hear that there’s some application, nothing is guaranteed. But I do think the gap is being closed as I just learned this actually, maybe you know more about this specifically than me. But like, from a nursing perspective. If you are a nurse, let’s say in Texas and you consume cannabis, obviously, let’s say even him because it has trace amounts of THC in it. If you’re consuming hemp in Texas, and you happen to be in a room, someone drops a needle or something, you’re a nurse, you’re going to get drug tested. If that shows up positive, you could potentially lose your job because you drug tests. I was under the assumption that in even states that had legalized like Colorado, that was the same case. But my friend when I was in Denver, his girlfriend is a nurse and he said that it’s they actually no longer if they find THC in your system, they won’t flag it. So in legal states, it seems like the law is evolving to this to the point of, hey, look, it’s the plant, we get it. it’s legal. It’s you know, not in the same. It shouldn’t be in the same caliber as like crystal meth or something like that. And so I just think that, to me, is a little glimmer of where we’re seeing the, the, the, the disparity kind of, you know, shorten in terms of the medical professional industry seeing this as a x over drug to, you know, it’s a plant and how do we understand this plan so even reflecting our own industry in Texas, I mean, when we first launched, doctors didn’t want to touch it, medical professionals didn’t want to talk about it. Now, three and a half years later, Since launching our brand, I have more medical professionals who recommend people to come use CBD. Also to come specifically to my shop, which I’m very proud of and grateful for. But you’re seeing them recognize, hey, we are not experts on cannabis. But you might be so how do we help connect consumers to quality providers who can administer whether you are in a legal market, so you have true medicinal or you are in a market like Texas where it is more on the hemp side and CBD side. But it’s just all that to say, I think it’s really cool to hear that these organizations are existing and legitimising like nurses who are, hey, we are, you know, learning about this plant and the power has, and how can we actually, you know, apply it back into the consumer to empower them. And then obviously, to empower brands to be a connecting piece? Because, yeah, whether consumers realize it or not, they are coming to you for medical advice. And obviously, legally, you can’t really give it to them. And so it’s like, how do you market I think people don’t realize marketing is obviously social media and text message and all these. But it’s also like the subconscious, like, I need help, I don’t feel good, I have trouble sleeping, I have pain here, I want to feel better. I don’t like alcohol anymore. I want to stop smoking cigarettes, and

Krista Nichols 56:27
I have PTSD, I have a severe injury, I have whatever, whatever I mean, there’s so that we’re all dealing with pain, right? whether it’s physical, emotional, mental, whatever, like we’re, we all are looking for an escape at some point or another, right, unless you’re just like 100%, sober, which I fully respect, because I

Announcer 56:48
don’t think I could ever do that, either.

Krista Nichols 56:52
But you know it to have that resource that we can point people to and to have them be so knowledgeable. And like I said, they’re International, you know, they’ve gotten calls from the UK, they’ve gotten calls from Scotland, they’ve gotten calls from all over the world. So even if you’re not living in a state where cannabis is legal, at least, you know, like you said, CBD fortunately, is nationally legal. So they can give you advice on something that should help you, you know, and can and can steer you in some direction, even if they just have some questions, even if they’re just like, you know, what’s the big deal? What’s

Unknown Speaker 57:25
the, you know, how

Krista Nichols 57:26
do we, how do we keep the conversation going so that the education is continuously evolving and getting richer and better. And it’s employing people who are smart, and who are educated and who have knowledge of how these things work with the endocannabinoid system and how, you know, they also have to be up on all the vendors, they have to be knowledgeable of all the products that are out there and what’s available. And, you know, it’s just it’s such a cool thing to be a part of, because I thought I was going to be a nurse for a really long time. I hate school though, and could not deal with another second of it. When I graduated, I was like, we’re done here. But you know, I have such full respect for for nurses and doctors and you know, medical professionals, and I’m really, really happy to see the evolution of cannabis and how like you said, you know, it is a plant it is used for medicinal purposes, it has been for a really long time, you know, whether we want to admit it or not, like people have been using cannabis to alleviate all kinds of stuff for I mean, our parents were smoking dope in the 60s, I’m sure it was happening Well, before that, you know, it’s it’s got such a long lineage, it’s like, Okay, well, how do we use all of the tools at our disposal, social media, the text message, blast, the websites, the blogs, the, you know, articles, the PR, the interviews, this wonderful podcast that I get to be a part of today, you know, yeah. And so I’m so proud to be able to talk about a company that I love so dearly that is involved in so many wonderful things that don’t get talked about, you know, it’s all behind the scenes. It’s all you know, it’s my daily life. It’s what I’m working on every day. But, you know, how do we communicate that to our customers and say, Hey, like, your well being is in the forefront of our mind, like your experience with us matters. And we’re not a churn and burn we don’t we want to take our time with, you know, if somebody has questions and they, they’re, you know, a first time consumer or even, you know, they’re trying something new, we don’t want to make them feel rushed. We want to make them feel heard and understood. And like they’re important, you know, because that’s customer service, man like you, you want to take the best care of your customers and offer them the best experience so that they trust you. And earning that trust comes with employing lots of different parts, lots of different pieces. And, you know, like I said, I’m just so proud to be able to work for a company that takes that very seriously.

Shayda Torabi 59:52
You can have all my money for the time. Please take it.

Krista Nichols 59:57
I will. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 59:58
I’ll keep that up. Really awesome. promos for you. How’s that? Good? Yeah,

Shayda Torabi 1:00:01
I just I’m waiting for those text messages every Wednesday, I seriously, seriously look forward to what you guys continue to do in the space. You are not only a leader in my heart, but obviously in the industry and especially reflecting and representing Colorado. It’s just really a cool journey to get to observe and be a true customer of and I just look forward to the future of cannabis with your involvement. So thanks, obviously, everybody should go follow you guys on social media. It’s at light shade. Hi, nice. Yep. And then like you said, nine locations. I’m honestly a little shocked at nine locations because I find that I only go to like the same three every time but I look forward to exploring all of them and to see more success from you guys. So thanks for joining the show.

Krista Nichols 1:00:49
Absolutely. Thank you so much for having me. It was a pleasure.

Shayda Torabi 1:00:54
Oh my gosh, I feel like Chris and I could have kept talking and we are probably going to have to revisit some more content with light shade because they’re just up to some really incredible things it makes me really proud to be a customer and a part of their community and I hope that this was a great episode for anybody who is really anybody in the industry because I think if you’re a brand and selling a product and you’re trying to get your product into dispensaries or retail shops I think that Krista gave a lot of good insight into that process and some you know, marketing levers that you could pull but really specifically if you are a dispensary owner or retail owner like myself even with restart CBD, this was really fascinating because I think there’s a lot of programs and initiatives that light shades up to that you know, aren’t really exclusive to Colorado and that we as business owners outside of Colorado can take advantage of as well as what we can learn from what’s going on in Colorado and just you know kind of continue the dialogue from there I think there’s just so much to to absorb to educate ourselves on to continue to educate ourselves on y’all know that education is super super critical for me and so with that said thanks for listening to yet another episode we’ll be back next week with a another fabulous guest and if you have any thoughts questions feedback, you know that I love hearing from you also please find me on Instagram at the Shayda Torabi or at To be blunt pod I’d love to hear from you. So thanks again and catch you next Monday with another new episode by

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