Today I had the pleasure of speaking with the Co-Founder of PrograMetrix, Chris Shreeve. Let’s dive into Chris’s story of how to improve your programmatic strategy and execution through the new age of digital marketing. Things you will learn in this episode: [00:01 – 10:35] What is PrograMetrix?

  • Chris talks about what PrograMetrix is all about
  • Chris speaks about cannabis brands ‘ misconceptions when taking advantage of digital advertising

[10:36 – 21:37] How To Grow Your Cannabis Brand Using Digital Marketing

  • Why is there such a big discrepancy with cannabis and CBD brands? Let’s hear it from Chris’s point of view.
  • Chris talks about his background and how he became a cannabis business owner

[21:38 – 33:43] How to Navigate and Transform Digital Marketing

  • If you are evaluating an agency partner, Chris encourages brands to ask these questions that you don’t want to miss!
  • Chris shares about the best ways to be able to have a digital transformation

[33:44 – 48:54] What things do we need to invest first before we start a cannabis business?

  • Chris talks about how to create marketing programs that tailor your products to different audiences
  • Chris shares how important to set up a foundation first before you start your cannabis business
  • Chris gives advice on how you can maximize your online presence with your advertising dollars and reach your target consumers

[48:55  – 52:32] Closing Segment 

  • If there’s any brand in cannabis that is doing digital well, who is it, and why?
  •  Where can people follow or connect with you?
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  • Final words from me

Tweetable Quotes:  “Cannabis brands should really be focused on all of the different branding and marketing mechanisms” – Chris Shreeve You can connect with Chris on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, email him on or visit his website and transform your programmatic advertising that goes beyond the metrics. SPONSORSHIP is brought to you by Restart CBD. Check them out for your CBD needs! LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to join me for episodes featuring some serious cannabis industry by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes. You can listen to my podcast on Spotify, Stitcher,Buzzsprout, iTunes. For anyone who is looking for some creative inspiration in a budding industry, connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or visit my website