Hello, Welcome to the #GROWWITHSHAYDA tip series. My hope is to share quick and easy (and totally doable) marketing tips and tactics with you an emphasis on the cannabis industry. So this is my first post in the series! Super excited to be kicking things off with you and I thank you for landing on this post. If you want to get to know me more, you can check out my experience and accolades here. Or you can keep reading and I promise you I’ll give you something to think about to inspire your next stage of growth.

Tip # 1 is “IT NEEDS TO MAKE SENSE TO 10 PEOPLE”. This is geared towards a new business or product, or maybe a brand that is about to release a new product or idea. It’s a really simple concept, it needs to make sense to 10 people. Now to be most effective, those 10 people probably shouldn’t be people in your direct sphere, like maybe your mom who likes all of your ideas is not the best person to get unobstructed feedback about your new business venture or idea. But what if you went to someone who you think would be your target customer, it could be someone you found in a shared interest group on LinkedIn and asked for 5 min of their time to assess your product or idea for viability. And I promise you, it will be the most valuable 5 minutes you’ve ever spent.

Most people approach a business or creating a product from “how can this help me get rich”, generally speaking, but almost always true. Very few people approach building a brand from a “Why” approach, and to further dive deep, a “who or what does this serve”. Obviously Starbucks sells coffee, and if you think about it, there’s A LOT of places that serve coffee, but they had this idea to be convenient and consistent, that was their WHY. And so when they re-framed their business model through that lease, it ultimately led to success. Of course I’m condensing this story for the sake of brevity, but my ultimate point is, is to create a group of peers of not who you think is going to tell you the nice things you want to hear, but to provide you the real feedback that you’re seeking to build a great product or brand.

Let me tell you, in the cannabis space there are a lot of interesting ideas. Some that if I’m being honest, do not make sense. A few of the bizarre ones are a CBD diffuser, a pair of CBD socks, and another one that made me laugh (sorry no judgement, but if I was one of their 10 people to ask I maybe could have steered them in another direction) was CBD toothpicks. I’m just, sorry, like what? Maybe you keep the toothpick in your mouth long enough to absorb the CBD? I don’t know. The point is, I wish whoever spent money on creating and marketing that would have had a conversation with someone who could have prevented that from hitting the shelves.

The whole point is to make something that people want. I want that for you. I hope you have a million successful ideas, but the probability of that is pretty low. So instead, make sure the thing you’re going to invest your time, money, and resources in is sound.

If you need some ideas for where to find qualified top 10 people for your business review, I suggest you check out local meetup groups in your industry. ie If you have a skincare product, maybe try connecting with CPG (consumer package goods) groups. Or if you make a product for for athletes, try connecting with gym owners or fitness influencers. By the way, people love being asked to weigh in on their opinion so ASK!

And, If you want my two cents, you can always hire me for 30 min and I’ll tell you exactly what I think 🙂