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51 min

Branding Bud and The Commercialization of Cannabis

Episode 70

36 min

Corporate Marketing to Texas Cannabis Queen

Episode 1

75 min

Authentically Crafting Your Cannabis Marketing Playbook

Episode 92

All time

61 min

The "P" In Consumer Packaged Goods

Episode 94

60 min

A Decade of MMJ & Recreational Marijuana Experience

Episode 100

60 min

How to Get To 1 Million Subscribers

Episode 111


56 min

Top Industry Insights From A Cannabis Digital Marketer

Episode 65

51 min

Securing Publicity and PR for Your Cannabis Brand

Episode 37

74 min

Mastering Influence And The Need For Innovation

Episode 106


74 min

What Does Regulation in Cannabis Look Like and How To Prepare

Episode 118

57 min

Avoiding Marketing Risk and Remaining Compliant

Episode 122

60 min

This Episode Has Not Been Evaluated By The FDA

Episode 121


The To Be Blunt Podcast is a weekly business podcast from industry thought leader Shayda Torabi. Join her every Monday to hear how she, along with industry experts, find success from business and branding, to regulation and compliance in this exciting and emerging industry.

A podcast for professionals looking to navigate the cannabis industry

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To Be Blunt Podcast


Shayda Torabi is an entreprenuer, brand marketing expert, and industry thought leader.

She's currently the CEO and Co-Founder of RESTART CBD, an education first CBD wellness brand HQ'd in her hometown of Austin, Texas. Shayda also sits on the executive board of the Texas Hemp Coalition, the states leading hemp advocacy organization.

She's a frequent public speaker on marketing strategies, and a popular content creator @theshaydatorabi where she features behind the scenes insights as she builds her personal and professional brands.

Shayda is passionate building great consumer packaged goods in the cannabis industry and helping connect consumers to high quality products.

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