Shayda Torabi

Shayda is an international public speaker with over a decade of media experience. Whether she’s speaking to a crowd on the ever-changing landscape that is cannabis marketing, or contributing her industry expertise to a panel or podcast, you can always count on Shayda to have a thoughtful contribution to the conversation because she’s on the front line every day researching, networking, and building a voice in the cannabis community. 

Shayda has been featured as a keynote speaker at leading CBD conferences, and contributes to publications and podcasts as an expert on cannabis marketing and brand building. 

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Public Speaking

  • CBD Marketing 101 in an Unregulated Market– Lucky Leaf Austin 2021

  • What’s a Cannabinoid and Will it Get Me High– Luck Summit 2021

  • Indica, Sativa, Hybrid: Terpenes – How to control your effects- Luck Summit 2021

  • Hemp’s 50,000 Uses– Luck Summit 2021

  • Getting down to Cannabusiness: Tech and Innovation in CannabisGeneral Assembly 2021

  • Top Marketing Strategies for Cannabis Retail & DispensariesEmerge Canna 2021

  • How to Market and Educate Consumers in an Unregulated Market- USA CBD EXPO, Las Vegas 2020

  • Marketing Panel- Texas Hemp Convention, Dallas 2020

  • The Future of Cannabis– GA Assembly Workship, Austin 2019

  • Marketing a CBD Brand in Texas- Greenseed Texas, San Antonio 2019

  • Cannabis Marketing 101– San Antonio Startup Week, San Antonio 2019

  • Cannabis Panel– San Antonio Startup Week, San Antonio 2019

  • Marketing Panel– CBD Expo Denver, Denver 2019

  • Growing a CBD Brand From the Ground Up– Lucky Leaf Expo, Dallas 2019

  • Building and Marketing a CBD Brand in an Unregulated Market- USA CBD EXPO, Miami 2019

  • 10 Things I Learned Setting Up My Online Store– WordCamp Denver, Denver 2019


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